About Us

Accum (Stands for Accummulation) is a Quantitative analysis system to predict Big player money flow (In and Out) during price movement in Indonesian Stock Market Using intelligence system developed by Our Internal IT research, System will separate transactions considered as buying or selling, and then calculate the net sum of them When Big Player is buying, We say that the stock is currently accumulated , When Big Player is selling, We say that the stock is currently distributed , We want to invest for those market when the price is in uptrend with significance accumulation by Big Player. This concept is Quantified using Amibroker Chart and Coloring System for ease of use to QT Community.

QT was started as retail trader community to help it's member to survive in Indonesian Stock Market. Right now, QT community consists of around three hundreds retail investors, provide strong support and help between them about their investments in the market. Our skills and expertises are including Stock Market analysiss based on Fundamental, Technical, and Quantitative using Software Programming using real time market data. QT is the first local company in Indonesia to implement Quantitative and Computer Programming to analyze market and make investment decision based on signals generated by system. We educate our members about the real reality of market. Not only how to profit, but also how to minimize risks, loss and most importantly bankruptcy. QT is partnering with Jasa Utama Capital as the best online securities broker in Indonesia, delivering cheap, fast and trusted financial services for their members.


Board Of Commissioner
Suginta Ramli
Ir. (University Of Tarumanagara , ID)

Dian Ramli

Asun Salim
BA. (University Of Kentucky , USA)

Board Of Director
Toto Tjung
BSc. , University Of Indonesia , ID
Broker - Dealer & Investment Manager Representative

Bernardi Dannardi Zhuria
BSc. (University Of Diponegoro , ID)
Broker - Dealer Representative

Internal Team
Agustinus Wijayadi
University Of Srivijaya , ID
Broker - Dealer Representative